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Do you want your brand or product to stand out? A shoutout from a famous influencer can make all the difference. Read more in this ShoutOut review to know how can it help you.

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Shoutout is an online platform that connects brands and products with influencers willing to give them a shoutout.

At Shoutout Social, we connect brands with influencers willing to give shoutouts across their social media channels. We work with influencers in all different niches, so whatever your target audience may be, we can help you reach them.

Overview of ShoutOut

Businesses use the video marketing platform Shoutout Social to crowdsource user-generated content for branded videos. Using Shoutout, users or you can record testimonials or ask questions by creating a shareable video template.

Make your video stand out with logos, music, graphic overlays, intros, and outros from our library. To collect footage for branded video content, share your template with a link, QR code, or embeddable widget.

Creating high-quality, branded video content at scale is easy and affordable with Shoutout. Videos will be automatically highlighted with B-roll and editable subtitles thanks to the platform’s algorithm and simple interface.

Additionally, recordings from Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams can be branded and subtitled automatically. Create a playlist on your website or share your videos on social media. You can use ShoutOut with TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as other social media platforms.

The ShoutOut app is compatible with all your favorite social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Recorded feedback can be turned into branded videos and compilations automatically with ShoutOut.

Create personalized outreach, onboarding videos, or social media content using information like NPS scores and testimonial quotes.

Waveform graphics and editable subtitles can be added to audio recordings to convert them into videos. Social media shoutouts give business owners a platform to connect with potential customers.

Features of ShoutOut

  • Streamlined video production with template-based workflows
  • Invite people to gather videos and photos
  • Overlays, captions, and text editable for intros and outros
  • Subtitles that are automatically generated and editable
  • Share natively and schedule social media posts
  • Create compilation videos by editing videos
  • Reviews of videos with star ratings
  • Playlists and galleries of videos
  • Website for affiliates with a brand

How To Get ShoutOut For Lifetime

You can start to use this awesome tool lifetime only for $69. This is not a monthly charge. You will get lifetime access of ShoutOut. The following steps will guide you through the process:

Step-1: Go to the Offer Link of ShoutOut in AppSumo marketplace.

Step-2: Choose a plan from the drop-down icon.

Step-3: Then check the details and click on “Proceed to checkout”.

Step-4: Fill up with our details and make payment.

Step-5: Congratulations! You are done.

Benefits Of Shoutout

Business owners create an account and post videos and information about their products and services, and users can browse these profiles and contact the businesses they are interested in. Using Shoutout is free of charge, which means that businesses of all sizes can use it to reach out to new customers and, as a result, increase their income.

In addition to its ease of use, Shoutout does not require special skills or knowledge, so anyone can start using it immediately. Why not give it a try and see if you like it? You might be able to connect with your next customer as early as today.

Offering shoutouts in exchange for reviews is an excellent way for business owners to get honest feedback. Social media, online directories, and even word-of-mouth can be used to promote your business.

It’s also important to read each review carefully and consider what improvements can be made based on the feedback, even though getting as many reviews as possible is essential. While not all reviews will be positive, the shoutout review process will be worthwhile if you can use constructive criticism to improve your business.

ShoutOut Plans & Pricing

Plan Feature Price
Free 2 Projects, 7 Min/month £0/mo.
Individual 5 Projects, 1 Hr/month £25/mo.
Creator 10 Projects, 4 Hr/month £100/mo.
Professional 100 Projects, 20 Hr/month £500/mo.
Enterprise Unlimited Projects, Unlimited £1000/mo.
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How To Save Money

For ShoutOut, there is a way to save money if you want the premium version. Just purchase this software from the best software marketplace AppSumo.

Plan Feature On-site Price AppSumo Price Saving
License Tier 1 1 User, 1 Hr $35/mo. $69/lifetime Unlimited
License Tier 2 2 User, 4 Hr $140/mo. $139/lifetime Unlimited
License Tier 3 20 User, 7 Hr $680/mo. $209/lifetime Unlimited
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Experience On The Shoutout Social

Hearing about other people’s experiences in the community was fascinating. It is also helpful to get insight into the different areas of the industry that I’m not as familiar with since I’m not as familiar with all of them.

Though Shoutout may be positive or negative, they are always honest and transparent. A shoutout must provide the customer with an accurate representation of the influencer’s experience with the product or service. The opposite is also true; sometimes, shoutouts contain false or promotional information.

Shoutouts in social media marketing are essential since they give brands publicity and help build trust between influencers and followers. When selecting an influencer for a Shoutout social, it is essential to consider a brand’s audience, platform, and tone of voice.

To ensure that your product or service is reviewed honestly, you want to ensure that the influencer is someone your followers will trust.

Recommend Shoutout For Others Business

I sincerely recommend you choose Shoutout if you seek a business to help you promote your brand. This will help you get the word out about it.

It is an incredibly effective platform that has helped me expand my business reach to a broader audience through their platform.

Since working with them, I have been able to connect with new customers and grow my business due to their help. It would be my pleasure to recommend their services to anyone looking to expand their business and reach a new audience.

Final Touch

The Shoutout social is an excellent experience for me. The video was well done and gave an excellent overview of what the product is all about. In addition to being informative, it is also engaging. Interacting with the audience and providing background information on the guests was the host’s way of interacting with the audience.

>>Create Your First Professional Video<<

As well as that, I thought the guests were interesting and had a lot to say. I liked how it was concise and to the point. The visuals were beneficial and made it easy for me to understand the content. The overall review of this platform is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great product review.

ShoutOut Review Video


1. What do you like best about ShoutOut?

ShoutOUT has an easy-to-use interface that you like. In terms of setting up my business product videos, it is straightforward to do. As a bonus, I was delighted with the level of support I received from the team throughout the process. In addition, they were always quick to respond and answer any questions.

2. What are the storage limit and resolution limit?

For each tier, the storage limit was twice the recording minutes, and the videos were optimized at 720p resolution. In addition, you still have access to the original files recorded if you need them.

3. How Do We Use The B-Roll Feature?

Make some videos, such as testimonials, and upload them. Next, record some b-roll footage. Then, add your b roll clips to the timeline in the order you want them to appear.

You can then create a compilation using the videos you selected. Make a compilation by selecting ‘add b roll’ then ‘make a compilation. Our algorithms will automatically add b roll to the video.

If unsatisfied with the code, you may make changes and recompile it. Alternatively, you can lock specific B roll clips to video clips so that they appear only on those clips.

These videos appear to have been edited and used extensively for event highlight videos. The algorithms were developed after analyzing hundreds of videos.

Some shots may be repeated if you do not use enough B roll. In this program, you do not have the fine controls of a traditional editor, but it is designed for ease and speed. Videos can be created quickly and easily using this feature and look great.

4. Can We Use The Music Of A Video Clip For The Whole Compilation?

When you make a compilation, the music automatically lasts the entire time. If the music is too short, it will loop. By selecting the mute music icon on the clip or video, you can automatically fade the music for individual clips, intros, and outros. You can also muffle the camera sound by selecting the mute audio icon.

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