About Us

Hi, this is Sadha mone Rani Pal. I am the founder of BlogLand. The blog has been started in January 2019 to provide the latest tips and tricks to the people worldwide.


I have a lot of experience of being failed in blogging. I have started this blog in 2019. But before that, I experienced with 3 failed blogs.

My first blogging journey started in the middle of 2016. I launched my first blog. But working till 1 year, I never been successful. There were some reasons of course. Probably, lack of experience and first time working.

Then the next year I had launched my next blog although it was also failed. This case, may be the reason of failing was not having a good domain.

After that I launched my 3rd blog. It was little successful comparing other two. Because I had earned $100 by selling this blog!

BlogLand Story

Spending the $100, I buy a domain newblogland.com and a best quality hosting in the first month 2019. Since then, I am running this blog with a desire to be successful one day.

At present, most of the people love the blog after their first visits. I have got some positive feedbacks. And I am determined to continue this for the welfare of my best wishers and new readers.

If you have any question and want to ask me directly, please drop me an email at newblogland@gmail.com. I will answer within 24 hours. Thank you so much for reading BlogLand.

Sadha mone Rani Pal
Founder & CEO

Contact: sadhamonerani440@gmail.com