19 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help you Grow in 2023

Must check this 19 must have digital marketing tools to help your blog grow in 2023. This is very much suitable for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Marketing is a must nowadays in order to grow your business or venture. Without the help of marketing, you are likely to suffer and face a lot of difficulties. While organic traffic and traditional marketing ways can help your growth, there are much better ways. 

One of the best ways that went on become an industry in itself is the digital marketing field. Digital marketing has quickly become an essential feature of online business and establishing an online presence. 

Marketing tools, or more specifically digital marketing tools, will allow you to start your marketing campaign without any external assistance. This is a great feature of digital marketing. 


Google Analytics is one of the best tools that is offered by Google for free to everyone. Analysts and marketers can make great use out of this tool to kick start their campaigns. The analytics will provide you with the data of where you are likely to get more audience from. Which keyword is the best, and what kind of ads should you choose. 


More often than not, your business is going to face tough competition from direct rivals. It is thus better to understand how the market works and how your competition works. Buzzsumo provides data analysis, collection, and results to show where you will face tough competition from. It is a great tool to understand your position in the market. 


If your venture has a website, you will want to keep track of the visitors you get. Not only does this help you providing the required analytics to improve your website, but it is also a great way to know which part of your website is more popular. The only downside to this tool is that it is a paid subscription, but it is definitely worth your money. 

  1. VISME 

Visualization is an important part of marketing. You need to create attractive and catchy content that will get the attention of an audience. VISME, however, is a tool that lets you visualize data. You can easily insert data to get a visual representation of the said data. 

This can be helpful for presentations, showing your audience your work, showcasing other marketers and employees how your project has been going. 


Mail Chimp is a great marketing tool. It utilizes emails to follow up on leads that you get from your website, social media, or other sources.  

Mailchimp is capable of following up on almost ten thousand emails in a month. This not only allows you to follow up on your lead but impress those leads with constant updates. 

Mailchimp also provides data relating to your emails and in-depth analysis, allowing you a much smoother transition to marketing. 


Storychief is a premium tool for content writers. It is a content writing tool that allows users to market content and publish it on different websites. The tool allows for easy collabs, social media management, content calendar, and much more. Different plans have different prices, but it is definitely a tool worth exploring. 


An audience is a great tool that helps you to analyze, connect and understand your audience. This tool is great for marketers since you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your audience, identify channels, create chatbots, and much more. It is a premium subscription-based tool that provides varying benefits with each subscription level. 


This tool allows you to build campaigns and then utilizes your email leads to sell them to your prospect. There is an automation system that allows users to keep track of their leads. It is a great tool if you are trying to sell someone a product or service. For example, as an escape room owner, you can share new themes and room designs with your customers and get valuable feedback. 


Chatbots are quite important when it comes to marketing, they are the first contact a visitor might make on your website, and thus they need to be designed properly.  

ZOHO’s chatbot designer allows you to create pre-programmed responses, get data from visitors, track the movement of visitors on your profile, and much more. SalesIQ is thus much better due to its back-end and front-end support. 

  1. AHREFS 

AHREFS is a great tool that anyone can use. SEO is an important part of being the best online. Hence for any digital marketer, AHREFS is great for improving your SEO ranking.  

You can use this tool to do an in-depth study about your portfolio company and again insights into strengths, weaknesses, and your competitors as well. 

  1. MOZ 

Having a tool that is all-inclusive is great. One such tool is ‘Moz.’ It is a great tool that is your one-stop solution to all your marketing needs. It provides keyword analytics, SEO, and much more. It is definitely one of the best marketing tools in the industry.  


Hyperlinks are important for marketing. They help you connect different platforms and content together, providing a good experience for your audience.  

REBRAND is a hyperlink manager that allows you to create hyperlinks and manage those hyperlinks. Managing hyperlinks is definitely a chore without any external help, and Rebrandly does a good job of saving you some time. 


HOOTSUITE is another inclusive digital marketing tool that utilizes your social media channels. Social media has grown over the years and has become a good platform for marketing. When your venture has multiple accounts across multiple platforms, you need a manager to handle them. 

HOOTSUITE does exactly that. You can automate Hootsuite to respond to comments, post content, and schedule content as well. 


This is another digital marketing tool that allows you to manage your social media profiles and provides analytics. You can schedule your content across different platforms, get reports from various accounts in a single place. It is premium software that will require money to get full access to its tools. 

  1. TRELLO 

TRELLO is a great tool that allows man management and project management. You can schedule your posts, publications as well as manage your teams in small manageable numbers. 

TRELLO further allows you to assign different projects to different individuals allowing seamless and efficient working. 


These 15 digital marketing tools are some of the best and most highly regarded ones in the industry. As the digital marketing industry grows, we can expect a more advanced and efficient tool to come and replace them.  

However, if you intend to market your content now, you should definitely make use of this list.


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