Kadence WP Theme Review 2024 – Should You Use This Trending Theme?

Are you finding a multi-purpose wordpress theme for your site? Must read this Kadence WP Theme Review 2024 before making your decision. I have been experiencing one of the wordpress theme is getting viral since 2021. Now a huge amount of bloggers and affiliate marketers are using it on their website.

#1 Trending WordPress Theme

kadence wp theme review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Starting price: $0/month


Kadence Theme is a minimal yet feature-rich WordPress theme to easily add an exquisite touch to websites that function quickly and are convenient. It has a header and footer builder that allows you to quickly create any style of header. It has a huge selection of stunning starter templates that you can easily edit using our sophisticated global font and color options.

You can quickly generate captivating e-commerce websites, course websites, business websites, and more with broad integration with the most well-liked 3rd party plugins.

What is Kadence?

If simply put together, Kadence is a top-notch brand that provides WordPress plugins, training, and drop-in-ready solutions to make any website accessible, engaging, and efficient for its users, surpassing all requirements and ensuring the greatest benefits.

Features and Specifications

For its users, Kadence has outstanding features and specs, including:

  • Header Builder: Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can design the ideal header for your website.
  • Footer Builder: An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create the ideal responsive footer.
  • Custom Layouts: Sidebar, no sidebar, and full-width narrow width are all definable. 
  • Custom Post Type Support: Right in the WordPress customizer, you can easily adjust the layouts for custom post kinds.
  • Global Color Palette: With our sophisticated color system, you just need to select your colors once to modify them across the entire website.
  • Color Options: Within the Kadence Settings, you may choose everything from backgrounds to text colors.
  • Global Typography: Select a websafe font or any font from Google, then specify the text’s size, style, and transformation.
  • Global Button Settings: Create the ideal button style that will be used for all of the buttons on your website.
  • Scroll To Top: For your website, enable, style, and choose where to place a scroll to the top arrow.
  • Social Links: In order to link your website with your community, add social media icons to your header and footer.
  • CSS Pre-loading: One-click performance improvement that preloads CSS in the header and calls it whenever required.
  • Transparent Header: Create lovely hero sections that overlap your content and give your site a flow by using a transparent header.
  • Sticky Header: The custom styling for when your header is stuck to the top is easily enabled and defined.
  • Responsive Controls: You may alter the look and make it uniquely your own for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, including small screens and huge monitors.
  • Breadcrumbs: Use the built-in breadcrumb generator or one from a popular SEO plugin to enable breadcrumbs.
  • SEO Optimized: The best SEO practices for markup and schema are used when building Kadence.

Pros and Cons

Like any WordPress theme, Kadence has pros and cons of its own.


  • There are several features in the free edition.
  • Innovative components are available.
  • There is a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Footer/header builder with drag and drop.
  • The development process can be sped up by using a variety of appealing starter templates.
  • A strong interface with LearnDash and LifterLMS
  • Works with a number of the greatest plugins in the world, including Elementor, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, and Beaver Builder.


  • There are only a few page builder plugins that are supported. 
  • Additional starter templates are required.
  • No conditional headers are present.
  • Lack of a White-label option

Kadence Free vs Pro

While there are plenty of free WordPress options, Kadence stands out both for its free and paid versions. Four different bundle deals are available to access the Kadence premium edition, including-

  • Kadence Theme Pro through $59
  • Essential Bundle through $129
  • Full Bundle through $199
  • Lifetime Full Bundle through $649 

Although the free version has many specifications, the paid one has more premium features such as the following:

  • Header Addons: With 20 additional header elements available, you may create a premium header. Account Icon, Dividers, Toggle with the slide-out panel, Extra HTML sections, and other add-ons are a few of them.
  • Hooked Elements: Anywhere on your website, conditionally, and during a certain timeframe, add blocks or page builder content. To name a few, they are Display in Any Location, Expiration On Specific Date, Build Custom 404 Page, and Targeted Placement.
  • Ultimate Menu: Mega sub-menus, highlight tags, icons, and other menu choices are available, including Use Custom Content for Dropdowns, Custom Background for Dropdowns, Multi-Column Dropdowns, Use an Icon in Your Menu Item Label, and more.
  • And the benefits of a paid edition of Kadence don’t stop there; there are countless other benefits as well.

Kadence Reviews

Kadence has received an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on data from WordPress.org. The Wpindigo has a 4.8 rating. 4.0 by Darrel Wilson as well. According to Cart Flows co-founder Adam Preiser, “Kadence Theme is the most feature-rich free WordPress theme ever released. A Pro edition is also available, which advances innovation even further.”

Thousands more reviews have been left, propelling Kadence to the top of the WordPress market.

Kadence Coupon & Promo

For convenient access to the Kadence premium edition, there are numerous reputable and highly profitable coupons and promotions available. Websites like Creativebin and Curateddeals already offer verified and rewarding discount codes that can save customers up to a respectable percentage.


Kadence is an outstanding, accessible WordPress all around, proving its worth in almost every sphere. You can just start with the free version to make sure you like it, and then progressively upgrade to the pro version when you need more of its features.


1. Is Kadence Themes free?
– Kadence Themes is open-source and free to use however you see fit. Additionally, a pro version offering more features is available too.

2. Will this slow down my website?
– With intelligent coding, Kadence Blocks was created to be as light as feasible. This implies that it doesn’t slow down your website because it simply loads the content that you need, page by page.

3. Can I use the themes and plugins on more than one domain?
– Yes, you can use as many websites as you wish, whether they are business, client, or personal websites.

Do you offer refunds?
– Absolutely, we provide refunds to any dissatisfied customers up to 30 days following the sale. Simply file a support ticket with your request for a refund.

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Try out this trending wordpress theme for your website. This is the fit for any kind of website as it is a multi-purpose. Build your blog or online store with this beautiful theme.

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