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Read this CometChat review 2024 and make your decision. It’s a real time text, audio and video chatting software. Know it’s features, plans & pricing and user reviews. It will help you understand this software.

“Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of imagination.”


Every one of us frequently thinks it would be very nice to get an app that provides simple and easy solutions for all growing businesses. Finally, our dream has come true with the launch of “Cometchat.” Let’s take a small look at the history of CometChat.

It was founded in 2009 and has already completed 13 successful years. Originally started as a license model in 2010, it was launched by Anuj and his twin brother, Anant Garg. In January 2019, it became the first Indian company to be accepted to Techstars Boulder’s accelerator program in the US. In August 2020, CometChat raised $1.6 million in a seed round from Colorado-based Range Ventures, New York-based Silicon Badia, and India-based iSeed Ventures.

PurposeIn-app text, audio & video chatting
PlansStartup, Growth, Scale and Enterprise
Social linksFacebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Github
Website URLVisit official site

What is CometChat?

For businesses aiming to increase customer engagement, CometChat, a product-tech firm, creates vital features like chat, video, and live event capabilities into websites and applications to speed up their go-to-market time. CometChat’s APIs allow developers to quickly combine in-app text messaging with any mobile app or website. This platform provides user-to-user messaging to help users stay connected with each other, such as marketplace sellers and buyers, healthcare providers and patients, taxi drivers and riders, students and teachers, and much more.

The Chat SDKs, APIs, and UI Kits are easy to set up, very secure, scalable, and come with clear instructions. The robust extension library allows you to integrate easily with other services and provides users with a configurable, feature-rich messaging experience. 

Cometchat is trusted by over 50,000 developers worldwide and shows its dedication as promised.

Their dedicated team has been obsessed with building the market’s most robust, easy-to-use, and reliable in-app messaging solution for over ten years. They claim that their team comprises individual talents from all over the world. They are based in Denver, Colorado, but they aim to help real people connect in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. 

Does “Cometchat” really fulfil all our desires?

Let’s know about it.

Services we can get from “Cometchat”:

Execution option skill developer : The powerful SDKs, UI kits, APIs, and even no-code widgets help developers who are beginners with an integrated chat solution.

Help developers prepare : Sometimes, a lack of experience in preparing a proper product document and dealing with competitors causes them to fail. The powerful extension marketplace, outstanding documentation, tutorials, and support of “CometChat” ensure its success.

Gives solution for every chat : The robust metadata properties of CometChat allows the users to create charts based on orders including location-specific data.

Marketplace : It is also used for many virtual meetings to sell the products the users have developed.

Cometchat’s features:

  1. audio chat
  2. text chat
  3. video chat
  4. games
  5. real-time translation
  6. Facebook chat
  7. Gtalk chat
  8. screen sharing
  9. Collaboration
  10. whiteboard sharing
  11. file sharing
  12. chat rooms
  13. video conference

Users of Cometchat: Developers, especially the developers of-

  1. Ed-tech
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Virtual events
  4. Dating apps

Pros of CometChat :

  1. It’s easy to use, and the SDKs are available for Android, iOS and JavaScript.
  2. It connects securely.
  3. It also helps to build experience.
  4. It also offers rich media attachments and customer support chat to understand the users better.
  5. It has idiomatic SDKs for the favorite language of the users.
  6. It is designed with all the extensions a user will ever need.

How CometChat helps :

  1. White label chats are built in the cloud, which means their service is always available, auto-upgraded, and auto-scales to meet customers’ needs.
  2. It connects users to the user, enables real-time voice, video & text chat and brings the community closer by connecting users with each other.
  3. Interpersonal connections lead to better community retention.

Pricing : Cometchat offers free use until the user is ready to launch its product. It doesn’t require a credit card. It offers three methods of payment after launching any product.

  1.  Startup – $149/mo
    Voice: $0.001/user per min
    Video: $0.003/user per min
  1. Growth – $399/mo 
    Voice: $0.001/user per min
    Video: $0.003/user per min
  1. Scale –  $749/mo
    Voice: $0.001/user per min
    Video: $0.003/user per min
  1. Enterprise – custom pricing
    Voice: $0.001/user per min
    Video: $0.003/user per min

The application of CometChat is incomparable, especially for developers who require a site that will keep the secret of their creation to protect their rights.


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