9 Best Niches to Avoid Zero Click Search Problem

The trending topic among bloggers is now zero click search problem in Google. If you carefully observe, the feature of snippet in Google has been showing results of search in some specific search terms since two to three years. Basically, it’s one of the best feature for somebody who search and also the curse for somebody who are working to provide the information.

What is Zero Click Search

When somebody search the term “IPL”, Google shows all the details like game schedule, live matches, ball by ball score and next match time etc. all the necessary information are being provided in the Google Search Homepage!

This feature is really helpful to the information seekers but it’s hampers the workers who work on IPL niche on their blog. Who are working to provide the information related IPL on their site, they will not get click although someone’s site is shown at the first result because of the snippet! Thus the bloggers lost traffic.

Although they get search impressions but not clicks as all the details result is being show in the search page. And this incident is call actually zero search click.

The Only Way to Avoid Zero Click Search Problem in Your Website

Are you looking for the way to avoid this zero click search problem in your next new site in 2023?

Of course, there is a way to avoid this problem because Google is not able to do in all the niches. You just need to work on that niche on which Google is unable to show the details result in a snippet.

Here you can see Google has shown the snippet result but not all the 29 “commenting” sites” because it is really impossible to show all the 29 sites in google homepage. So, the information seeker must have to click on the link and move to the site for all the 29 sites list.

This is how you can turn Google Snippet useful to your website. Just work on that niches which are impossible to show altogether in Snippet. Here I have listed 9 best niches for you. Pick your favorite.

9 Best Niches to Avoid Zero Click Search Problem

  1. Large SEO sites list
  2. Affiliate programs
  3. Fashion products and others
  4. Health products
  5. List of product coupon codes (Google is still not showing coupon codes in search!)
  6. SEO Software
  7. Email Marketing Software
  8. Ecommerce Platforms
  9. VPN Affiliate Programs

These are the profitable 9 niches that Google will never be able to satisfy the seekers showing in the snippet. Rather Google will drive more traffic to your site if you are able to rise your site in the snippet view. This is the only way today to avoid zero search click. Because when Google will not show all the details about the topic someone search, the user must click on the link to get the full details.


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