14+ Advanced SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic in 2023

Do you want to scale up your blog in the next year with advanced SEO tips 2023? Here are the 14+ advanced SEO tips for 2023. By following these, you can easily boost your traffic of your business blog.

In the recent years a lot of things have changed. Most of the changes are witnessed in the field of technology. This has really become common.

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Everyday we witness a lot of changes in the technological world. Lot of new gadgets come in and then leave and new ones take their place. This is the actual trend that is going in the world of technology. Likely, in the field of SEO techniques, changes happened.

A lot of people dream this world as the world of artificial intelligence and it is actually true in a lot of things. Now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also being used in SEO.

Yes! Google use AI to rank websites at this time. So, your SEO techniques must be changed according to the world’s change.

How our lives are effected?

This is the obviously the question that arises a lot of time and the answer to this question is very straight, technology has effected our lives in a lot of different ways. Basically the world of present is all about technology.

Our lives are filled with technological gadgets and without these gadgets we cannot even live for a single day. You just ask a teenager boy from the middle school that which phone he uses or personal computer he uses.

The answer would be that he owns a personal computer and personal mobile. So this is basically the trend that everyone is following actually. This is about all age groups. No one is behind in these things.

Computers and Internet

Computers have become so advanced these days. It is all because of the thing called internet.

Internet and computers have together changed our lives completely. Actually internet is a very vast thing and that is the special thing about internet.

Computers and internet have opened a whole range of new opportunities in this world. So basically everyone is active on internet and this is actually the premise or base of all opportunities.

Google and SEO

Just think about how many times we use Google in a day. The answer would be a lot of times. Basically we search things on internet and get the desired results.

So how Google presents the best results for us. The answer is that the Google ranks the different websites using its specialized ranking algorithm. And it’s called SEO that is used to rank a website on Google.

What can we do?

There are a lot of different people who run different websites. So what can they do to get their website ranked in the first place. The answer to this question lies in the word seo which is search engine optimization.

SEO is all about improving the number of visitors on a particular website which can help in ranking of the website. So for that there is a need to develop a SEO strategy which can make things easy.

First of all there is a need to understand that to get a website ranked in a good position by Google is not a easy job. It is quite a tough job and it requires a lot of patience.

The main reason behind this is that Google changes its ranking algorithm continuously and this thing effects a number of websites on Google. Sometimes the results are really drastic.

So the question is that how to rank website Google first. The answer is in this article.

We will now discuss the most important things in the article. All things are about search engine optimization and it’s best usage. We will discuss the best SEO techniques which can make things really easy for you.

15 Best SEO Tips in 2023 You Must Follow

There are a lot of best SEO tips and techniques that can work for you. Here are the 14+ best SEO tips 2023 for you. Following these SEO tips, you will be able to increase your blog traffic. We will discuss about them in detail in below.

On-page SEO Tips for 2023

#1 Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main initial task to start writing a blog. And it’s is the mandatory work if you want to rank an article on google. The most important and hard task it is!

To do keyword research, you must select a niche for your blog. For example, our niche is blogging and now we have to find out the best keywords for our articles.

But before that let me tell you what the keywords are and why we need these?

When you people search a specific resources typing just some words in Google, these are actually keywords. We have may ways to find out the best keywords.

There are a lot of keyword tools to help you finding your best keywords. SEMrush is one of the best keyword finding tool. To use this tool, click on the below link.

>>Click Here to Start SEMrush Free Trial

Create an account in SEMrush and then login.

Suppose we want find out the best keywords of “Blogging” niche. So, type “blogging” in the search bar of search bar.

seo tips

After that, details of the keyword “blogging” has been showed. To find out the best keywords that mean low competition and high volume keywords. Pick the best keyword from related keywords.

seo tips

In the above picture, you will only see the volume of your keyword. But to see the competition and others things of this keyword, click on this.

seo tips

How to find the best keyword in SEMrush:

First look at the first box. Number #1 box is showing the volume of your keyword “how to make money blogging”. Always try to choose the highest volume keyword considering the next number #2, number #3, number #4 boxes. All the boxes shows different parameters of that keyword.

Then look at the number #2 parameter. It’s showing the difficulty of that keyword. It’s from 0% to 100% range. Lower percentage is good. Lower percentage means the keyword is low difficult to rank on Google.

After that, keep eyes on the number #3 parameter. This is showing the CPC (Cost per click) rate of the keyword. Higher is good. But this is not a major issue to find a keyword because it’s always changing. You can pick a keyword compromising this parameter if other parameters are very good. And this is the technique to boost up your new blog initial traffic! So must do this if you work on a new website.

And lastly, look at the number #4 parameter. It’s shows the competition of the keyword in the range from 0 to 1. Lower is good. Low amount of this number means, your keyword is not very competitive and you can easily rank this.

These are the major criteria, you have to consider in SEMrush to find the best keyword.

Why you should find keywords using SEMrush?

Because SEMrush is a very popular keyword research tool. It’s helps a lot to find out the best keywords. User-friendly and real time tracking of your website improvement make this keyword research tool awesome to users.

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#2 Quality Content

Let us start with the very basic SEO tip. Actually this tip for great SEO strategy is very basic but is really effective. The tip is about the quality content on a website.

Google works in a way that it ranks the website high which has quality content written in it. So quality content is basically the key to get the website ranked.

Content is King

If you are running a website, always try to write best quality content in the website. It is important to note that the content in the particular website must be in relevance to the website. It should never divert from the main idea of the website. This will hurt the website ranking.

Write content on your website which is relevant to the website. This will help Google understand the idea of your website which will help in the website ranking quite effectively.

Write best content related to the topics which are most searched in relevance to your website.

Another thing is that you need to develop a great SEO strategy by adding keywords related to topic on which you are writing. Keywords are really effective. It is another thing which is effective in getting the website ranked.

So, this is one of the most important and effective in all SEO tips 2023. This tip can be really handy in achieving the goal of getting your website ranked high.

Another important thing is that your content must be grammatical error proof. Google loves to rank grammatical errorless articles. To create an article grammatical error proof, a tool named Grammarly can make your work easy.

The best grammar checker tool to check article:

Grammarly is the best grammatical error checker tool to find your errors. It’s more beyond grammar and spelling. It can also check plagiarism of your article. It has three plans including a free plan. To start your free plan, click on the below link.

list of niches
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#3 Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is an important criteria for ranking a blog. If your website speed is low, your readers will bounce back to another website.

Website speed can make your quality contents not working.

Let’s think, your blog contains best quality contents but your website speed is very low. Now, a visitor has searched on google and found your website link. But the website is not opening or taking too much time. Then the visitor has got bored and to back to google to find another article.

This is how your website will lost visitors due to low speed of your website.

How to check website speed?

To check website speed, you can do it using some online free tools.

1. GTmetrix

First go to GTmetrix and input your website link. Then press “Enter” or click on “Test your site”. After that you will show the analytics of your website speed.

seo tips

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

It’s a website speed testing online tool by Google. First go to the link of Google PageSpeed Insights. Input your website URL and click on “Analyze”.

seo tips

Always try to keep your website speed more than 90. Below 90, you website will be considered as low speed. Where is the problem and what things need to fix, you will find there.

Website speed can help a great part in website ranking. So to implement this idea you can get rid of the unnecessary plugins. This will make things more effective. It will increase the speed of the website as you would be able to avoid website lagging like issues. In turn this idea will help in the ranking factor as well which is actually the main thing.

#4 Optimize Title and Description

In this SEO tips 2023, optimization of title and description is very important. Because, Google first look at the title and description to rank your website. And when someone search something using a keyword in Google, title and description only the two thing what is seen at the sight. So, it is important to input the main keyword in title and description.

How to optimize Title and Description?

To optimize title and description, input your keyword in both of these. Make the title starting with the numbers rather making “how to”.

This type of titles are very much working than “how to” titles. So try to make your article like this “10+ best tips” or “10+ proven ways” like this.

#5 Keyword Density

Keyword Density is the amount of keywords inputted in the article. In other words, how many times the keyword and related keywords have you put in the article.

Most of the expert said that, keyword density should be 1-2% in every 100 words article. This is the best density and an important one of SEO tips 2023.

#6 Input alt tags in Images

To index your website images also, you must need to input alt tags in images. Input the keywords as alt tags in every images. By this, Google will show your images in google search images. It will help to increase your website traffic.

#7 Table of Contents

Nowadays, Google shows the best websites in a featured snippet. Table of contents help google to show your website at the top of the google search page as featured snippet.

You can add this TOC feature by using different plugins easily in your WordPress site.

Find the related keywords using SEMrush Keyword Tool. And then, input all the keywords along with the main keyword in tags. Here you can do that.

Another very solid and best one in SEO tips 2023 overall to get the website ranked higher. You can add breadcrumbs to your pages for the better indexing. Adding breadcrumbs to your pages can be really helpful as they can create structure within the site and this thing actually can play a big part in getting your website ranked higher on Google

#9 Do Internal Linking

Another very great SEO technique in the list of SEO tips 2023 which is really helpful. Interlinking can be used to link to important pages using the specific anchor texts. For this purpose, you can use interlink manager which is a plugin for this purpose.

Plugin is really helpful where the interlinking becomes hard like if there is a situation in which you are having a lot of pages on the website. Otherwise, you can add the internal links manually.

#10 Voice Search

Voice search has become really important in the recent times. A lot of people use voice search for searching. Voice search can become really important and best SEO technique in the recent times that’s why we have listed it in this SEO tips 2023. This will help a lot in website ranked if you leverage the voice search for your best use.

These days things like Google assistant and other search elements like Siri have become really common. In the coming times as well the voice search will play a big role in searching different things.

So for voice search to work for you effectively you need to put exact tail long keywords in the content. This will help a lot. So this is one of the most important technique which can play a great part in your SEO strategy. It would be great to use this SEO technique to get your website ranked high.

#11 Manage Website Navigation

This is a very basic seo technique but is a very effective one on the whole. Navigation is really important element of the entire website. It plays a big part in the website.

Navigation is actually the first thing that links your website to the other pages which you are presenting to your audience. It is at the top of the page of the website. So navigation gives a lot of weight to the links which you have put on your page of the website.

Google crawler which ranks your website according to the different parameters always pays a lot of attention to the navigation of the website. So in that case it is very important to do better indexing for better navigation on your page of the website. It is really important to link all the pages which you are related to your website in one way or another.

On the whole it is a very basic technique. So it can be said that it is a very effective technique which is for SEO purposes for getting your website ranked at a good position on the whole.

#12 Installing SSL on the Website

It is becoming really important to install SSL on your website. SSL has become a factor in ranking as well.

The reason of its importance is security. Security is becoming a main feature these days. Without security things seem really void. So in such a situation or a scenario installing SSL on the website is a great idea.

Security is a great factor in ranking these days. People want security and the sites with better or good security are ranked higher by the Google.

Installing SSL is not a big deal. The easiest way out is that your hosting provider will help you in this thing.

#13 Increase Social Sharing Ability

Another very effective SEO technique. If you want to get more and more traffic on your website then you can implement this idea. You can get down to the line of using the social media for increasing the share ability of the page on your website.

Social media is a great idea to get more and more traffic on your website. It will help you to reach out to more and more people.

#14 Use Tracking Code on Your Website

It is actually like self improvement. It is a great thing to do on any day. Tracking is really important. Actually the main point here is that if you do not track your rankings and traffic you would not be able to see through the issues or we can say problems with your website.

It is just like improving your website. You can use tracking code for this purpose. You do need to check our the traffic on your website regularly. Otherwise if you are not going this thing then you won’t be able to find about the trends of the traffic on your website. Like there is no way to find out which pages are those which are left by audience early or after sometime.

This whole thing can be implemented by using Google search console and Google analytics. These things can help you in monitoring the organic search traffic on your website. So it is actually a great thing to implement which will make job of tracking really easy one. You can use Google tag manager to implement all the tracking codes.

If you want to go a step or a level higher then you can use Hotjar which creates a heat map of where the users click most of times on a page. This can be lot of times very difficult to understand.

So the idea is to start with very basic things. The best thing actually is to implement tracking code. Believe it or not it would be really helpful and you will be able to see the difference in very small period of time.

Off-page SEO Tips for 2023

#15 Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting

This is very effective technique which is needed to be kept in mind while using other SEO tips 2023. The idea here in this technique is to distribute your content. By distribution of content we mean to make the content available to your audience.

To perform this technique of content distribution work you need to implement different things. Here you need to analyze the habits of your audience to find different and effective ways to channel your content to your Audience.

Blogger outreach

If you are a blogger and you can write quality contents by own. This task will be easy and free. You just have to connect with other bloggers who works on the same niche.

First try to make a good relationship like friends with them. And after a few days, you can ask them that you want to contribute articles for their blog. If they say yes, you can start writing and then send to them.

Of course, input your website URL in your article. Thus, you can get a high quality backlink for your blog. This backlink will take your blog in highest position in Google.

Guest Post

Guest posting is the same technique as blogger outreach. Actually, guest posting methods are two in types. One is free guest posting and the other is paid guest posting.

While you will able to get backlinks through free guest posting method. It will say the Blogger outreach method also.

But the other guest posting method is paid. You can get backlinks by paying bloggers for publishing your article and backlink in their blog.

This is easy method and 100% working because, if you pay someone he must publish your article. And you will get backlinks surely.

There are some websites where you can buy backlinks through paid guest posting service. Some of them in below.

1. BlogLand

Yes. Your favorite blog New BlogLand accepts paid guest posts. You can publish your article with a do-follow backlink just for $25. Details you can see here.

2. Links Management

Link Management is one of the best marketplace for paid blogger outreaching and paid guest posting services. If you are not expert in backlinks creating task, you can buy backlinks from Link Management. Sign up now and get $25 bonus.

These techniques can be really effective in getting your website ranked in a high position. Implementation of this technique is really important.

So these are the some of the most important and effective and best SEO tips 2023 list. These tips will help everywhere.


The last line is if you follow all the techniques in this SEO tips 2023 list, your blog will be ranked must. It make take time but it will be ranked of course. SEO techniques are really important if you are in the world of website ranking and all. So all the tips we have mentioned above, try to implement them effectively and be successful in ranking challenge.

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