11+ Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2024

Are you finding the best free blogging platforms to create your new blog in 2024? Here, I have listed all the popular using free blogging platforms with details. Choose your favorite one and start.

This article is for you, if you are..

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Times is changing and in fact times have changed a lot. In today’s world we all witness so many new advancements in daily basis. Such is the flamboyance of this word technology and advancement. If anyone comes from a past decade in this world he or she won’t believe that so many new things have come and how much we people have become advanced. It is all because of one thing only. The thing is technology. Technology is the key of all these new advancements and all. This technology thing is not just the hype. In fact we all people are living in the world of technology.

If you are in hurry to start your website, let me list the top 3 blogging platforms in 2024.

Image Product Details   Price
Blogger Best for blogs Price: Free
Customization: Low facility
Templates: Standard amount
Payment Gateway: No
Start Now
wordpress Multi-purpose Price: Free
Customization: Huge facilities
Templates: Large amount
Payment Gateway: Yes
Start Now
wix Best for professional Price: Free and Paid
Customization: Standard facility
Templates: Standard amount
Payment Gateway: Yes
Start Now

Computers and different stuff

You just see. How much we have changed. We use different gadgets which we had not thought that these could existed even. In such a great way technology has changed our lives. We all use computers and mobile phones these days. These all are great technological inventions. The truth is that we people cannot live without these things even for a single day.

Internet and blogging

Internet comes with a lot of new things. Internet is very vast and there are a lot of things that can be done with the help of Internet. Internet opens a whole new door of opportunities for people all around the world as it connects so many people around the world. Internet has made this world a small and a global village.

Everyone wants to do something great on internet and one of the things that a lot of people actually fo is blogging. Blogging is a great thing and there are a lot of best free blogging sites on internet. These sites are those which are started by people like you on their own. So blogging is such a great thing that can be done by anyone.

There are no hard and fast to start a new blog or start a free blog on internet. There is no need to do anything special.

You just need to choose a blogging platforms which is best for you. There are a lot of best blogging platform on internet and these all are unique in one or another way. But first of all let us talk about blogging platform. Like what is it. Actually a blogging platform is a kind of service which assists in the creation of web pages for posting your content.

So many people use these different blogging platforms to start their great journey. Actually it is a great business to run a blog. A blog can be about anything which is another great thing.

The great news is that there are a lot of free blogging platforms which one can use. These all are best in one way or another. Today we are going to talk about these blogger blogging platforms.

The blogging platform must be chosen carefully as the blogging platform can turn out to be friend and foe at different times. So it matters a lot. You need to use the best blogging platform to make money as well. Moreover in the starting no one would want a complicated blogging platform. In such a way blogging platform becomes really important.

Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2024

So let us start our journey. Following are the some of the great blogging platforms that one can use to start his or her journey of blogging.

1. Wix

The first blogging platform on your list is wix. It is very popular among the bloggers and so many people use this platform to start the things on a right note.

It is a platform which is used to build websites and and can add a blog to the website as well by using the wix blog app. This blogging platform facilitates a easy to build a website and a blog. Drag and drop tools are available for this work.

The best things about this platforms are that using this platform one can easily customize his or her blog using a lot of different templates and other third party applications.

Moreover on this platform you can easily serve your purpose by using drag and drop tools. No coding skills are required for building a blog. This is actually the best thing about this platform. The setup of this platform is also easy and very fast.

Only cons related to this platform are that there are only limited third party applications which are free for doing the work of customization. Ads is another problem on this platform.

We can say that it is one of the best blogging platform 2024. That is why it is highly recommend for building a blog and other related jobs.

2. WordPress.com

This is one of the best blogging platform which can be easily used by the bloggers for serving their purpose of setting up and running the blog. WordPress.com is a great platform where one can get the blog hosting basic services for free of cost. In this you can upgrade the blog by adding other things like custom domain name. You can add additional storage as well. Also there are other premium services which can be easily made available for the blog.

The great thing about wordpress.com is that here no setup is required. Moreover it is very easy to use and manage. Firstly it may seem somewhat complex and all but after some time there will be no trouble while using WordPress.com.

The pricing system for extra features on WordPress.com are quite affordable.

The problem here is that one cannot run advertisements on the blog. Also WordPress.com can suspend the blog if the terms of usage are violated.

But it is worth trying because using this you can easily create a really cool blog which will serve your purpose of blogging easily.

3. Blogger

This is another free blogging platform for usage. Non technical people can easily use this platform for creating a blog for themselves. The idea is to get free blogging hosting service and it is provided by the blogger platform. The best thing is that no technical skills are required to create or run a blog on blogger. It is free and very easy to use.

Blogger is acquired by Google now. The disadvantages here are that on blogger one can only use basic blogging tools and new features cannot be added to the blog to make it more popular. Moreover design and template options are also very limited. There are no new regular features for usage.

Epitomizing it is a good idea to use this platform to getting a new blog. There are no real major disadvantages while using this platform for building a blog and running it.

4. Joomla

Joomla is a really good option for software content management. It is a very good option for creating a blog and it is evident from the fact that a lot of people from blogging community prefer this. Joomla is something which can be used to create any website or blog for different puropses. In joomla one can create own template and also use boostrap for effectiveness.

In joomla you will need a domain name and wen hosting to use the blogging services of this platform. There are less themes than WordPress.com but still they are more than enough to serve your purpose of blogging on a small scale to just get things started. Customization features are still available and can be used quite effectively.

So it is a great idea to use joomla for the purpose of getting a new blog.

5. LiveJournal

This is one of the most important and cherished blogging platform used by a lot of people for many different purposes. It is just like one of the veterans of the blogging platform. The livejournal started in 1999 and is doing wonders for the people in the field of blogging till date. The best thing about this blogging platform is that it encourages communal interaction as well. There are a lot of people from different backgrounds on this blogging platform which makes things really good. So to get best out of the livejournal you need to involve in the discussion along with the writing as well.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is a very good option for blogging purposes. It is somewhat different than other blogging platforms. It is actually mircoblogging platform with a lot of different features like following other blogs, rebloggigng and built in sharing tools and much more.

The best thing is that Tumblr is very easy to use and is free as well. Tumblr has an integrated social media component. However the main problem is that there are not a lot of features to use in the blogging purpose. Still it is a very good platform to use for blogging.

8. Medium

It is kind of new in the field of blogging. But still it had grown a lot in the community of writers and bloggers. The good thing is that it is easy to use and it requires no setup and basically no coding skills are required as well to use this blogging platform. The problem is same here as well. The features are very less. So the blog cannot really grow much. But in the starting it is a very good idea to use this platform.

9. Yola

This is one of those platforms with which you can make a good start and it gives two sites and three web pages with it’s free plan. But it is good enough for just starting a blog. So if you are having big plans for your blog in the mind then there are no worries as with different plans you can get  1GB of storage and bandwidth. With different kinds of plan you do not need to endure those third party ads as these will be removed.

Another good thing is that you can choose from a large number of templates to get started with a blog. There are so many great layouts for the blog. Moreover there are drag and drop options as well. You can use your own coding skills as well to make changes to the look of the blog and do other things as well.

10. HubPages

It is a kind of platform where bloggers and other writing enthusiastic people can share their stories and other things. In the arts and design section of this platform bloggers can carry on their creative work which is a great thing for blogger all around the world. Such platform presents a great opportunity for all the bloggers around the world. So to started hubpages is a good place.

11. Jekyll

This platform for blogging is also very popular among the people. Jekyll kind of takes your raw text files and turn them into static site and one can host if wherever he or she wants to host. On Jekyll you can host your blog as well.

The best thing about Jekyll is that there are no technical glitches and there is no need to worry about technical work if you are not a tech savvy person. In Jekyll there are no worries of databases and upgrades and many other things. So if you are starting things from the scratch then using Jekyll for hosting your blog is a very good idea. Try using it for your own best.

12. Contentful

Another good platform for blogging. This platform is somewhat different from others. Actually this platform helps to separate content from the design. That is why it is API first approach. The content of the blog is going to be stored on the servers. The idea here is that it you are going to use different design in the coming period of time and start things from the scratch then using contentful platform is a absolutely great idea.

So these are the some of the great blogging platforms which one can use. The idea is to build a blog and run it. So basically every platform we have mentioned is good for that purpose. We have mentioned some really important and free blogging platforms which are easily accessible. Read these all platforms in detail. Get to know about each and everyond of these platforms and use them according to your needs. There are lot of options and this thing is really handy.


In the end, it can be said that blogging is becoming popular day by day. There is no doubt in that thing. Almost everyone is trying to break into blogging. In such a scenario it is good idea to have knowledge of different blogging platforms. So read through the best free blogging platforms and choose according to your choice and needs. Then start publishing the articles on your niche that is favorite to you.

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